Learn Django and Machine Learning

Learn to convert your Python machine learning models into production.

Deploy to the Cloud with Heroku

Django ML template is built to make it easy for others to consume your machine learning model results through RESTFul apis.

Scalable RESTFul API endpoint

Easily add more workers to horizontally scale up your APIs when your model is in high demand.

Step by Step Documentation

We've written extensive documentation to walk you through how to use this template and host your model on Heroku.

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Using Django ML template to host your machine learning models easily, you will get a fully functioning RESTful API endpoint that listens to incoming web requests and responds through your model.

Lifetime updates

Tons of assets

Tech support (*)

Integration ready

(*) Additional cost may occur.


We have lots of experience
productionizing machine learning models.

Models we built has served millions of customers.

Master model productionzation with Python, Django and Heroku

Say goodbye to beg your engineer teammates for help launching your awesome machine learning model in production.

Create an end to end machine learning solution

We've watched Bootstrap grow up over the years and understand it better than almost anyone.


Stay focused on your models and algorithms
Django ML handles production

You have a business problem to solve, and parameters to fine tune. Stop worrying about asking your manger or engineer teammates to reprioritize their work and help you launch your models. Use Django ML template to quickly productionize them all by yourself, and let your customers get your best predicted results sooner.




Models Launched


Happy Customers


Can I use Django ML for my clients?

Absolutely. Our license allows you to build a websites for personal use or for a client.


Do I get free updates?

Yes. We update all of our themes with each major Django and Bootstrap update, plus are constantly adding new components, pages, and features to our templates.


Is there a money back guarantee?

Yup! Django ML comes with a 30 days money back policy. If you are not satisfied for any reason, submit a return and get your money back, and no questions asked.


Why do I need Django ML?

Simply put, it allows you to quick productionze your models through modern SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), serving your model's predict function in the cloud quickly enables scalability and lets your customers be able to consume your results easily.

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Stop wasting time trying to do it the "right way" and build a machine learning service from scratch. Django ML is faster, easier, and you still have complete control.

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